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G-Star RAW #TightOrWide


Denim was always a fashion staple throughout my childhood. As soon as my body began to change shape and size, I avoided denim as much as possible. The reason for this was due to the daunting task of finding this “perfect fit”, for what seemed to be my adult form.  We all have been on that treasure hunt for that perfect pair of jeans at one point in our lives.  I was always aware of G-Star RAW, as most of my aunts and uncles invested in a pair or two of their denims. I never really got the hype and especially because the price range seemed far out of my budget. As I got older, I realised investing in a good pair of denims was far better than investing in many cheap pairs of denim, that would eventually wear out or lose shape after a few washes.

Now, a proud owner of four pairs of G-Star Raw denim ( and many other garments ), I no longer complain about the fit. Now the price makes complete sense. This campaign is so fitting for the brand, as it highlights the spectrum of jeans offered by G-Star Raw. With men’s and women’s styles that span from skinny to loose, raw to distressed, dark indigo to chalk white, timely to timeless – the brands mastery of denim couldn’t be more clear. I have always been a fan of skinny jeans, but I have recently converted to #TeamWide.

How do you wear yours? Fitted or Loose? Let me know on Facebook + Twitter  + Instagram and don’t forget to hashtag #TightOrWide @GStarRaw


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