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The Nike Air Max Zero ‘The one before the 1’.

The word ‘zero’ was created to represent the lack thereof, but not with Nike’s latest release. It represents the Genesis of Nike as a brand. It highlights the beginning, the initial thought and the stroke of genius from which great things are forged. It is not the Nike Air Max 1, but it is the foundation of 29 years of innovation. The Nike Air Max Zero was the first step; the one before the 1.

The Air Max Zero, a footnote to the Air Max phenomenon, was forgotten for 29 years. It was believed that the original design was so advanced that even Hatfield didn’t have the technology and materials to execute the vision accurately. Then one day the Nike Sportswear design team stumbled across an interesting drawing while searching for inspirations to celebrate the impending second annual Air Max Day.

Tinker Hatfield in one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Not only was he responsible for the Air Jordan 3 through to the Air Jordan 15, Air Jordan XX and the Nike Air Max, but his revolutionary idea of applying his architectural skills to shoes. Not only is the Nike Air Max Zero a celebration of innovative designs, but a celebration of Hatfield’s abilities.