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Nike Roshe Run

Since this light-weight wonder’s debut in 2012, it has gone from simplistic and affordable to a sought-after fashion must-have.

Roshe Runs are the brain child of designer Dylan Raasch, who was asked to present ideas to Nike Sportswear’s fall season brainstorm session. He came up with a simple silhouette that was aimed at bringing value to Nike’s lower price point styles.

The name of the shoe is directly taken from the term “Roshi”, a title given to a Zen master. “Nothing quite epitomizes simplicity better than a Zen master”, explains Raasch.

When it came to the sole design, Raasch stayed true to Nike’s Waffle motion pattern, adding a slight twist by making the soles look like stepping stones in a garden.

The Roshe Run has undoubtedly evolved from a simplistic concept for an affordable sneaker alternative to a sneaker head staple. Its elegant silhouette makes it possible to dress up or down and its comfort is an added plus.

In short, it is one of those sneakers that you NEED to have.