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Soweto Rising


Soweto Rising is a cutting edge urban street culture film which tracks  the influence of  Soweto as a former “township” space on the pulse of contemporary street culture in Johannesburg. 

The film provides a fast paced, gritty yet colourful experience of the Johannesburg contemporary cultural scene and initiates a dialogue around the experience of street culture through the eyes of well respected creative’s and trendsetters in around Johannesburg.

With a two week blitz through the city, film makers Noxolo Mafu and Lilian Magari sat down with Soweto’s very own Wandile Zondo (co-founder of the clothing concept store, Thesis), Mkay Frash  and widely publicized Izikhothane members such as Don Dada , as they share insight on their experience of the city .Youth culture maven’s Anthea Poulos and Jess Jorgensen speak to the greater movements and influences that have occurred within urban street culture in Johannesburg over the recent years while discussing the impact that South Africa’s urban street culture has had on the cultural status of South Africa within the global creative community.

The film provides an authentic view of the city from sneaker heads to izikhothane in a way that tracks the pulse of the city.



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