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The Creative X Ignatius Mokone X Erykah Badu

Ignatius Mokone, an understated individual who does not care for validation from people nor require much credit for the work that he does, approached me to do a collaboration. His work speaks for itself, and as a result it has drawn both celebrated and unknown faces towards his frame. There is something mysterious and exceptional about meeting and working with a photographer who simply just wants to take pictures for the rest of his life.  People like Igy are rare and tremendously talented.

A combination of Erykah Badu – Fat Belly Bella – DJ Low Down – Loretta Brown – Analog Girl in a Digital World – Badoula Oblongata – Apples – Manuela Maria Mexico – Sara Bellum and Annie blessed our South African shores, and performed at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.  Her performance was a combination of soul and art, and it solidified that the Queen had arrived.

Her androgynous attire, along with her epitome-of-cool demeanor proved that she encompasses the power to make nearly anything look good.

The next day I was a witness to her other persona, DJ Low Down at a club on Loop Street called COCO. The club was packed with people with an appreciation for music and a deep love for Ms. Badu. As a fan of hers for many years, I was glad to see all facets of her in a space of two days.