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The Republic Of Extra Cold


I have a fascination with brands and the strategies or methods it finds, to differentiate its product to its competitors. I am not much of a beer drinker, because I avoid a beer tummy at all costs. However, Castle Lite as a product has sparked my interest, due to it extending its market offering to a consumer experience. Not only has Castle Lite embarked on interesting campaigns to entice its market in the past, but also, it has taken its brand to a new level. The Republic of Extra Cold campaign has really created a buzz that resonates with where I believe branding is heading in South Africa and the world. Some of you may already be fully informed about the campaign. For those of you that aren’t, I have done extensive research just to get the bigger picture.


Castle Lite has its own country and it is called The Republic of Extra Cold. Since the inception of the summer campaign in 2014, this Republic has progressed from an island party to a campaign (winter) and now to a branded platform. The Republic follow the same principles as a country. It has geographical boundaries, it has citizens and it has all the elements that makes it feel like a real country. The Republic of Extra Cold is a democratic country, as a result has elections for presidency. Like any democratic Republic, citizens of this Republic will vote for their President. The elected President will be inaugurated at The Republic of Extra Cold Embassy Party. Despite this being one of the dopest things I have ever heard, it fascinates me how so many people have spoken of  how engaging the official website is. I went online and checked it out. Go onto their official website and apply for your citizenship.




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