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I don’t remember a time when I was unable to drive myself around in my own car. Last week, I had three events in one night and my car was due for its yearly service the same day.  I have used Uber via other people’s accounts for meetings and convenience in the past, but never really on my own. I never saw the point before. Uber was surprisingly easier to use on my own than I had anticipated. I also found it to be extremely affordable.

I used an Uber Black for the night and loved that the drivers dress well, the car was a BMW 3-Series, and that the driver opened the door for me. Not only is it affordable (as mentioned above) but also the app shows their passengers the real-time cost of their ride. The overall service and experience was great. The driver was very professional whilst being fun and engaging, taking me from point-A-B on time. I love driving myself around, knowing that my valuables are safe in my car. However, I am starting to be open to the idea of using Uber 24/7 and avoiding the possibility of road rage. Thank the universe for Uber.

   BMW 3-Series Images by :  Caricos

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