Artistry | Reform by Anelisa

Visionary Stream Of Consciousness

For the past five months I decided to take a break from everything. I made a conscious decision to trust nature, and allow it to lead me as far into my personal needs and wants as possible. During my time off, I began to become more observant than ever. I realized that we live in a world where people complain, yet continue to live with the very things that bother them.

On the other hand, individuals who identify with issues and find solutions still exist. Society identifies with these kinds of people as leaders and followers. It has been said that to lead, one must know how to follow, and that leaders exist because of followers. I believe that a good leader is someone who is able to enforce an effective communication linkage between the conceptions of an idea to the final execution. A leader’s role is to inspire.

I am interested in so many facets of the world, but I am particularly interested in creative activists. I am interested in progression and process. I don’t think it is difficult to provide, prove and please the public, but to be consumed in the process and see progression in an idea fascinates me. The marriage between the two always results in something remarkable.

One could be reading this and refer to it as a rant or an open letter, but as Kanye West puts it, see this letter as a visionary stream of consciousness. For three months, I have decided not to specifically voice anything that I feel or think amongst friends, and rather take the time to truly listen to my peers and those wiser than me.  When you run a platform such as this, it is important to take some time off to understand that the content you put on should be something of substance. So much listening and observing has forced me to really appreciate those who I often engage with in the creative industry.

I consider these individuals, whether they play the role of being a leader or a follower, to be creative activists. They do not come into the industry peacefully. They mark a before and an after and make the public question how they did it. What make these creative activists so fucking incredible are not only their passion, but also their dedication to their craft. They take their time in the process and allow those observing and engaging to be part of the progression. A combination of their skills and interesting personalities make for a thought-provoking story. I am a sucker for dope people who make dope shit, and once in a while, I like to collaborate with those dope people.


Photographer : Mpumelelo Macu